What if Cinema was a Place? Singin’ in the Rain as an Imaginary Cityscape by Sam Burford

The background to the whole project ultimately begins with my childhood experiences of visiting my grandmother and playing with a set of coloured wooden blocks - I’ve still got them in the original bag, though they’re looking a bit faded these days.
 Sam Burford writes about his project for Forage Press.

photographs from in this neck of the woods

Adriana Cobo Corey performs The Great Unwashed / Dirty Laundry in the Granary Square fountains
Nick Ferguson
John Hartley questions Sam Thomas,
Customer Operations Manager, Canal & River Trust London
Sam Burford's Malleable Cinema (detail)
Professor Jeremy Till
Dr Kate Corder
the aftermath of Kevin Logan's performance Snap-stick, (Slapstick), Crack and Rustle: locating sonic-signifiers
Thanks to Rachel Kremer for these photographs of In This Neck of the Woods. Sam Burford has also written about the event for the CCW Graduate School blog.

In This Neck of the Woods

In This Neck of the Woods
a sensingsite research event

Consisting of paper presentations, performances, and installation works by PhD and post Doctoral researchers from UAL and beyond, In This Neck of the Woods will present a range of responses to the environs of Central Saint Martins and King’s Cross, considered as sites for the production and reception of experimental critical practice and research.

Introductory presentations by:
Anna Minton
Professor Jeremy Till

Research presentations by:
Sam Burford (Chelsea)
Adriana Cobo Corey (CSM)
Dr Kate Corder
Dr Nick Ferguson
Maria Fernanda Calderón (Wimbledon)
John Hartley (Falmouth) 
Kevin Logan (LCC)
Dr Carali McCall
Dr Pat Naldi
Maria Papadomanolaki (LCC)
Ingrid Pumayalla (CSM)

More information and abstracts

09:30 – 18:00
Thursday 4 June 2015
Lecture Theatres E002 and E003
Central Saint Martins
Granary Building 
1 Granary Square 
King’s Cross 
London N1C 4AA