Composting Estate seminar: Jeremie Magar and Adriana Cobo-Corey 26 June 2020

A series of seminars examining processes and materials of composition and decomposition of site and place.

this event took place on 26 June, 2020
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Jeremie Magar
Towards Something: Walking on the N17 Line

What am I walking on? 

Is there something here, or nothing?  

Who drew this line? 

What can I say and what can I see on line? 

This project was born out of a personal sense of emergency/unease with meaning (of all sorts: politics, biography, family, history, facts, false, etc.). If Tim Ingold establishes the genealogy of writing within traces and drawing practices, I struggle to see lines when I read articles printed on disposable materials or shining on the screen in today's context. The origin of language (and its potentialities) is lost, and I am about to lose the meaning attached to them too.  Being With Words outside of institutions of knowledge (not available to me at present) is an unsettling experience as they've been weaponized by many conflicting parties in society to demarcate battlegrounds. So when I can’t see lines in words (and with them the possibility of intimacy/meaning), I search for them outside, embedded in the landscape, walking on an invisible one: the N17 postcode border. 
Jeremie Magar is an independent researcher and artist who previously studied for his MAFA at Central Saint Martins. 
Adriana Cobo-Corey
Methodologies  for situated research on Granary Square, King's Cross 

I will be expanding on some of the methodologies  used for my PhD research  Taste Untold: Critical Performance Practice and Contemporary Public Space.  The presentation will outline the overall frame of the research, along its  basic aims and objectives, to then move on to discuss some of the methods used for conceiving and delivering performance interventions in Granary Square, the chosen research-practice site. Aligned with some of the core interests driving the Composting Estate seminar series, the presentation will elaborate on practices of power specific to the King's Cross Estate, and potential strategies to question and temporarily realign them.  

Adrian Cob-Corey is a PhD researcher at Central Saint Martins.