What if Cinema was a Place? Singin’ in the Rain as an Imaginary Cityscape by Sam Burford

The background to the whole project ultimately begins with my childhood experiences of visiting my grandmother and playing with a set of coloured wooden blocks - I’ve still got them in the original bag, though they’re looking a bit faded these days.
 Sam Burford writes about his project for Forage Press.

photographs from in this neck of the woods

Adriana Cobo Corey performs The Great Unwashed / Dirty Laundry in the Granary Square fountains
Nick Ferguson
John Hartley questions Sam Thomas,
Customer Operations Manager, Canal & River Trust London
Sam Burford's Malleable Cinema (detail)
Professor Jeremy Till
Dr Kate Corder
the aftermath of Kevin Logan's performance Snap-stick, (Slapstick), Crack and Rustle: locating sonic-signifiers
Thanks to Rachel Kremer for these photographs of In This Neck of the Woods. Sam Burford has also written about the event for the CCW Graduate School blog.