sensingsite 2016

Futuro House

Throughout 2016 sensingsite meetings have been held on a more or less monthly basis in Futuro House which is currently perched on the roof terrace of Central Saint Martins at King's Cross. 

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Head of College Jeremy Till has stated "We want any gathering within to take full advantage of the nourishment the Futuro House can offer". In typical sensingsite fashion the gatherings have mostly involved engaging in long divergent conversations circling around, but never quite settling upon, what it might mean to be in this place, the implications of the place, and its siting, if indeed it is a place, or a site. In this way we have certainly taken full advantage of its nourishment, which has engendered a form of informal collective research which we believe has great potential as a methodological model, but which has as yet to result in any public outcomes beyond a series of blogposts. These posts do however provide something of the nature and flavour of the conversations, and if the associations are oblique, then so be it!

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We are currently considering and developing appropriate outcomes from the conversations, so watch this space for more from sensingsite at Futuro House.